Q: How does Box Tops and Labels for Education program works?BTFELogologo

Historically, Box Tops were turned in twice a school year where students went to a “Box Tops Store” and traded box tops for trinkets and small gifts such as stickers, plastic rings, pencils etc. For example, one box top was worth 1 point and a paddle ball was worth 35 points.So you would need 35 box tops to get the paddle ball.

This year we have changed our program.  We will be collecting box tops on a monthly basis.  Individual teachers now collect them in a special envelope provided by the PTO, and write the students name and amount of box tops collected on a collection sheet. This was a member of the PTO can determine the total amount of box tops that specific class collected, right on the spot.  The top collecting class each month will receive a treat and the top class each semester (July-December and January-April) will receive a pizza party.

It would also be tremendously helpful if parents could continue to utilize the sheets sent home, where 25 box tops are attached to the sheet at a time. Labels for Education and Tyson A+ labels can be submitted in a baggie with the total number written on it. Although, parents have been SO great at submitting box tops on the 25 collection sheet, that adding each class total has been super quick, even without using the teacher collection sheet. Thank you parents!!


Q: How does Spirit Friday Rewards Work?extra small

Spirit Fridays is rewarded every Friday to students who wear a San Tan T-shirt or school colors. San Tan Shirts can be from any year, grade specific event, committee, etc. School colors must be intentional and not by accident. For example, a mostly blue shirt is acceptable whereas a green Ninja Turtle shirt with a blue collar is not considered acceptable.

PTO has provided teachers with rewards for teachers to pass out to students.  Teachers will choose a time that works best for them to reward their students during the school day for showing their school spirit.

Additionally, spirit Friday events such as “Crazy Hair Day” or “Twin Day ” are determined by the Student council and separate from our program. Please read your e-alerts to see when these days are coming, or contact [email protected]

Q: What are restaurant nights?restaurant

San Tan PTO has teamed up with some local restaurants as a way to encourage family ti
me.  These restaurants give a portion of sales back to San Tan Elementary.  We have chosen restaurants that are close by and also offer quick and easy pick-up or drive-thru options.  We hope that you and your family will enjoy a night out while helping the school earn a little extra money. The money earned from restaurant nights will go directly to the PTO and is used to support various needs on campus.  The restaurant nights that are planned for this year are:

August 8th: Barro’s on Higley and Queen Creek

October 20th: Sonic on Higley and Germann

January 11th: Restaurant TBD

March30th: Restaurant TBD

Q: How does School Cents work?school_cents

Crediting your receipts for our school:

It’s easy to help win $250 to $2,500. Just shop at SanTan Village between August 1, 2016 and April 15, 2017 and use one of these options:

  1. Log your receipts online. It even works with a smartphone! Get started.
  2. Drop your receipts off in the School Cents box, located in the upper level of building 2218, above Yankee Candle. Open Monday – Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm. Receipts will be credited for your school and returned to you on the spot. Or you can drop them in the receipt collection box anytime.
  3. Drop your receipts off at the front office
  4. Send in your receipts to your kiddo’s teacher

Current Points for San Tan
Click here to see our school’s points status
-Our school earns five points per dollar spent, with lots of additional bonus points opportunities.
View the current School Cents flyer in a pdf format.
-Every school is a winner! Check out the prize schedule here.

Stay Up-To-Date
Receive School Cents bonus points reminders via email. We’ll only email you once or twice a month, and we do not sell, give or rent your information to anyone. Watch your inbox for exclusive bonus offers available only to School Cents email subscribers. Sign Up Now!

Ongoing Bonus Points Offers
-Earn Triple Points:
At Brio Tuscan Grille and Team Orthodontics, the official School Cents partners throughout the program.
-Mall Gift Card:
Buy a Mall Gift Card and Earn 1,000 Bonus Points. Available at Guest Services. Terms and conditions apply to Gift Card use
-School Cents Facebook App:
Earn 500 points when you visit facebook.com/SanTanVillage. Click on “More” and select School Cents. Follow the instructions from your laptop or desktop computer. Limit one per Facebook fan.
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Q: Do I have the most current PTO Calendar?Calendar_0 (2)

Due to many unforeseen circumstances such as new programs, new mandates, mother nature etc., the PTO calendar is always changing. We have recently joined forces with administration to consolidate related events of our calenders, to be as convenient as possible.

Stay current with notification emails here
View the most current calendar HERE.
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Q: Why is the PTO trying to go all electronic?Print

The PTO is trying to go mostly paper free .
Using electronic means such as our PTO website, Pay Pal, debit/credit card readers, and Volunteer Spot, we can significantly reduce paper waste not only to save some trees, but to also allow more money be available for the needs of our school, staff and students.

Accepting personal checks and money orders always poses a risk to the PTO and have created some issues in the past. By resorting to electronic purchases for items such as t-shirts and event tickets, the PTO assumes less liability. Electronic transactions are also more immediate than personal checks that can take some time to process, which can create inconveniences for all parties

The PTO understands that not all parents are comfortable with electronic transactions or communication, so we will definitely accommodate parent’s specific preferences as needed.

We ask that parents please take note that the PTO will no longer accept money orders as of October 1, 2014
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