Based on feedback we received from families and the success of our fundraising during past school years, San Tan elementary will once again be going with an alternative route to fundraising.  Instead of the traditional model of having numerous large school-wide fundraisers our PTO, principal and teachers will ask for a flat tax-deductible donation from each family in the school to help support the school and classrooms.  Unlike traditional fundraisers, 100% of the money from your donations will be directed to the school and classrooms in order to support instruction.   The money will go directly towards the needs of the school.  We appreciate your support.

Thank you,

Ray Mercado – Principal

Amy Randall-Vice President of Fundraising

Fundraising Goal

Our goal is to raise $25,000 through your tax-deductible donations.   We hope you and your family will help us meet our goal.  If we are unable to meet our goal, we will explore other options for fundraising.

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